Week 2: Construction begins on the site

31 01 2010

To make things clear then, the remainder of this blog will be dedicated to documenting the production of MUTV’s Reacharound Clubhouse, a television program that would have stratospheric potential were it not for its terrible name, questionable structure, lack of focus, and absence of production quality.  I kid, of course, although something’s got to be done about the name.  This page will be the one-stop-shop for all things related to the RC’s production, including deleted scenes, conceptualizations, staff information, and making-of featurettes.  The show’s goal is to make people laugh, ultimately, but it can’t be considered a sketch-comedy program (despite what you’ll read on our official MUTV website http://mutv.missouri.edu/reacharound.php).  The show is a cluster of our favorite things: on-the-spot interviews gone wrong, live musical performances, short films, scenes from “the clubhouse,” commercials and PSAs altered for our enjoyment, and viewer-submitted material.  Basically whatever we feel like throwing on there.

I’m hoping to make a lot of progress on our new website this weekend, which is where we’ll be moving this blog so that it’s home is integrated into the RC experience.  We’re hoping to include a viewer submission upload page, a place to watch the show, staff bios, this blog, a place for one of our fictitious characters, a music page, and other goodies.  The idea behind the website is to add a new degree of professionalism and legitimacy to our show.  We’re also operating a facebook page and a twitter (both of which have been relatively inactive for a while) in addition to our MUTV website, a youtube, a Blip.tv, and our airing on MUTV.  We’re hoping to expand our web presence and our physical advertising this semester, but it’s more important that we’re reaching our target audience in several different ways as opposed to just occupying lots of different spaces online.


Johnny Reaches Out For Fans

We’re hoping to have the site up and running by next week, when we’ll have some screen shots of the site’s construction and scenes from the new episode.  The picture above is one of the main elements of our homepage.  I’m creating a simple flash element that will animate the area above his hand, the area behind him, and the menu below him.  Johnny is a common on-screen personality for the show, specializing in animation and sexiness.  Also, he hates Papa John’s.

We’ve determined that the best design for the site is to put a simple, clean-looking homepage at our original domain address.  This will be dominated by a flash animation with a white background that gives you options.  The first choice is a blog-style informational page where updates give visitors all the latest news on the show.  Other links from the main page (clips, music, behind the scenes, etc.) we’ll anticipate being visited less.

I’ll be chatting with Prof. Jim MacMillan of MU’s Journalism School as I develop the design, but I feel we have a good start.  I’m most concerned with combining the nonsensical, irreverent atmosphere of the show with a sleeker style that lends itself toward the professionalism we’re hoping to develop.

For those f you not familiar with the show, here’s a promo we’ve been using for a while.  We’ll develop a new ad for MUTV soon, but this introduces a few of our regular stars (Daniel Posey, Marcus Miller, Dennis White, and others).




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