Week 6: Promotion Between Episodes

13 03 2010


We recently prepared this piece, titled “MUTV Memories.”  We weren’t really very anxious to start new side projects, to be honest, but MUTV is throwing a Spring semester party and required a short video reflecting on ‘your fondest memories of your time with the station.’  Frankly, we’re very much an odd-show-out when it comes to MUTV, which is mostly Journalism and Communication students who are looking for experience in production.  As a result, 4 out of the 5 other shows are news-related.  Of course, we don’t mind being in this sort of position.  It makes having a show that started as a joke much funnier.  It often means that the people around us take the content and prestige of their shows very seriously, which often means that we have to partake in projects like this to please everyone else.

That said, we were still strongly considering not turning in a “memories” video for the spring party at all.  It didn’t seem to be worth our time while we were trying to balance academics, jobs, and other commitments.  Then, it occurred to us that it would absolutely be worth it to turn in a video… if it failed to meet every requirement and was shot like a rap video.

They asked us to prepare something 15-30 seconds long, so our video is nearly 2 minutes.  They asked for us to recount memories, so we took this opportunity to reveal to them that we applied for a show as a joke and got one anyway.  In between talking head shots of Johnny Hoelting and myself, we inserted shots of us imitating rap videos we found on YouTube.  It’s utterly uncalled-for.  Anywhere you go, though, you’ll have a bureaucracy that asks for things from you that you shouldn’t really have to do.  If you can’t have fun and personalize those things a little bit, we’re hardly representing the irreverent spirit of our show properly.

We’re still not sure if we’ll be airing this segment on our show because it’s so meaningless, so I’m posting it here for you to appreciate.  It hardly works out of context.

Staying Relevant

On a more serious note, producing a few small projects while a big project is holding you up can really be a good way of keeping up appearances.  Any avenue to get people to see your product is a good thing, so it’s always a good idea to take those opportunities.  If going all out on what should be a short clip for a silly spring party gets you a little attention, that’s great.  We haven’t finished our latest episode yet, so we’re looking for as many ways to stay on the map as possible.

Last semester, after we put out an episode, we saw things begin to heat up around midterm time.  I was looking for ways to keep The RC somewhat active, and one night while watching MUTV I found a solution.  Due to some kind of major technical error (they occur frequently), MUTV aired the Nick Cage war film “Windtalkers,” a stirring drama with brutal violence and very serious overtones, with some audio problems.  You could clearly hear the original audio, but an endless serious of student-made commercials and PSAs were airing simultaneously through the audio channel, all of them with sugary royalty-free music and poorly-executed narration.  Since I frequently enjoy witnessing the mistakes MUTV makes despite taking itself so seriously, I couldn’t help but record the broadcast off of my TV and upload it to YouTube for others to enjoy.  Here’s that video.

Sure, this is bordering on “mean,” but it’s also important to be able to laugh at yourself.  I have tremendous respect for everyone who comes to MUTV hoping to learn the skills they’ll one day make a living on.  It’s the people at MUTV who adore themselves and their work (and constantly let everyone else know about it) who make the above video entertaining.  Occasionally, it seems good to remind those people, even subtly, that they’re in school to develop a respect for their art and to hone their skills – they haven’t arrived yet.  Just watch any show on MUTV and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

While I hope to have the new episode of The RC up as soon as possible, classes and the income that makes classes possible come first.



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