Week 10: More PSAs, Man

19 04 2010

Because a few PSAs is never enough

We’ve created another set of PSAs for your viewing pleasure.  There are four of them, all based on the same original PSA about supporting childrens’ after-school activities.  The last few we created involved dubbing in audio for their entire duration and creating some new graphics.  Each of the four new ones only required 2 seconds and 5 frames worth of changes, but they still required significantly more time to complete.  That’s because, like the Pizza Delivery PSAs, we’ve added a new mouth for one of the characters and had him deliver a short line at a convenient point in the PSA.  That requires frame-by-frame matching and animating for the entire 2 seconds and 5 frames each time, which is a bit more involved than dubbing audio.  Nonetheless, it’s still rather amusing.  This commercial is a little over-the-top in the first place, so we’re just taking it the rest of the way to ridiculousness.  The small boy originally just says, “that wasn’t very nice.”  Since that line is lame, we thought of some better lines.  A word of warning, some of these are a tad vulgar.

A little After Effects never hurt anyone

That’s the original boy from commercial before we gave him a soul patch.  He’s relatively static throughout the commercial until the shot where he speaks, when he starts moving his head quite a bit.  This made it a bit more challenging to sync a different mouth to him.

Here’s a frame from the original tape we shot of Johnny speaking the lines we used.

Here’s his mouth isolated.  I basically just created a mask in a circle around his mouth and feathered it significantly to blend it to the boy’s face.

Here’s the new mouth superimposed on the boy.  Pretty creepy . It doesn’t look very good, admittedly, but it works for a two-second shot in a silly comedy show.

Here’s a look at the mask outline, along with all the points (keyframes) I created for the movement of the mouth on one particular version of the PSA.  First I drew the mask circle around Johnny’s mouth – then realized he moved a little bit in each of his takes.  So I went through and changed the position of the mask over his mouth so that his lips would always be at the center of the mask.  That way he didn’t move outside of the circle at any point.  Then, I went through and changed the position of that mask to suit the movements of the boy’s head.  I also changed the shape of the mask at a few points to accommodate his mouth opening wider.

The last step of the process was to remove some of the red from Johnny’s mouth, which was shot in vastly different lighting from the boy in the PSA.  I applied the effect “Color Balance” (shown above) and removed the highlight red balance primarily.  At this point, it was pretty much as close as seemed to be reasonable.




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