Week 14: A Word With Danny

7 05 2010

Danny Garey, Executive Producer

Danny Garey (right) pictured with fellow dinosaur enthusiast Tom Wilson (Biff from Back To The Future)

“One morning, instead of my usual breakfast of scrambled eggs and Wheaties, I decided to work on a TV show.”

Danny Garey is a well-respected author and former philanthropist on the University of Missouri campus.  He’s now moving on to bigger and similar things.  I asked him what his deal was.

“From the bottom of the deck,” he said, peeling an orange.

Of the three executive producers on the show, Garey is the official talent scout and music director.  He’s managed to maintain live shooting security, keeping autograph-seekers far from Johnny during filming of the show.  “100% effective,” he says, “we’ve had no problems with that while I’ve been on the job.”

He tells me he’s “still committed” to finding the world’s last dinosaurs.  “They’re out there somewhere, and they want to be found.  Although, they must trapped or held hostage in some way, or they would have contacted me before now.”

Garey likes to keep an ear to the ground in the community to find upcoming events which can be filmed.  He was responsible for getting us set up to shoot at the Tea Party rally in Columbia, a segment that was later titled “Dinosaurs” (not surprisingly).

Here’s Garey at a typical RC brainstorming session.

Danny Garey was often the presiding chairman of brainstorming sessions, where he would direct the proceedings whereby Johnny explained his ideas.

The pizza delivery boy commercial represented a radical departure from our cinematographic style.  Danny was the driving force behind the project, which he was kind enough to lend his voice to.  He was able to easily shift his on-screen persona to that of the cranky old man.

“It was a really fluid thing.  I just delivered the lines and, you know, there was just this positive energy.”

Garey (center) with Ben Stewart (left) and Johnny Hoelting (right).




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